Friday, March 21, 2008

45 Minutes Left, And There's No Wind In M' Sails!

I had such high hopes for the day. Lots of paperwork to do, working on my application nightmare, visiting lots of patients, doing plenty of assessments and getting all my chart notes done for the week. Yeah. On a beautiful day like today? Not bloody likely! I got stuck in an ethics meeting for an hour and a half, talking about a patient who died months ago, sadly. Then, I went outside and headed out to lunch with my colleague (who really needs a nickname, because "my colleague" sounds very un-pirate-like!). After that, I was doomed.

There was simply no way that I could go out in the gorgeous day we are having and expect to come back and get much done. Well, some of it was completed, but only a few patients were visited, and one guy skipped his appointment. The chart notes were finished, thankfully, but absolutely nothing was done with my application. And none of my phone calls were returned! Grrr. If I live through this process, there's going to be some wreckage floatin' in the water, that's for certain!

I also learned upon my return from lunch that we're to be totally moved out of our offices by Wednesday. So I know what I'm going to be doing Monday and Tuesday! Fortunately there's not a lot of heavy things to be taken to the other building. Most of the books are already in my colleague's office, and another box is coming home with me today. That just leaves some files and some other stuff. I'll have to wipe the hard drive of my office computer of all my personal stuff - wallpaper, case studies, pics that I've posted here, and so forth. But that shouldn't take long, either.

Well, I had hoped also to blog on the anti-theocracy blogathon thingy that I mentioned earlier. Guess that will have to wait until tonight, too. I just hope I can get things done this weekend, in between the chaos of the holiday activities.

Time to close up shop. Have a good weekend, peeps.

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