Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yet Another Reason to Skip the Beijing Olympics

In your spare time, you won't be able to watch any horror movies. Not in China, anyway. The powers that be over there - The Department of Ruining Anything That Could Remotely be Considered Fun - has decided that horror movies rot the minds of the public masses and should be banned in preparation for the Olympic Games.

Apparently, one of - if not the - largest sources of bootlegged movies, CDs, clothing, toys (complete with lead paint!), and everything else not nailed down has decided that their public image will be repaired overnight if they stopped for a few weeks. Especially if those horrible ghost stories are taken away!

Forget Tibet. Forget the pirates on every streetcorner. Just come and believe that we are a wonderful world power. Oh, and we have nukes, too!

Here's the full article.

I hope I see a new government in China by the end of my lifetime. I really do. It's a shame that one of the oldest civilizations is controlled by such a flawed system. And considering the state of this country, under this administration, that's saying a lot!

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