Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tornados Back Home

Please, if you would, hold the people of Suffolk, Virginia in your thoughts and prayers this morning. Yesterday a series of tornados hit the area, injuring over 200 people. At frist reports were saying that at least one person died, but that thankfully proved to be wrong. Still, though, the amount of damage is almost unimaginable, and many people are only now coming to the realization that everything they own and the places they worked are simply no more. Governor Tim Kaine has declared a state of emergency in the affected areas. I talked to Tigger yesterday and Pooh this morning, and they and baby Boo are safe (as an aside, Pooh told me that Boo loves to dance to the soundtrack of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Disney's Not So Scary Halloween Party! Her Godfather is so proud!) and their home was spared damage. Others, though, were not so lucky. Here's an article from the local paper. May the Divine be with them.

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