Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I spent last night being beat up by my dog who, like human teenagers, seems to think that the daytime is for sleeping and the nighttime is for running around and partying. We fought with him until 11:30 or so before he finally got the idea (fortunately, One Ring is just as stubborn - if not more so - than Barney the Dog of Destruction!). However, Barney woke up several times - the last being 4:30, where he thought it would be a great idea to go run around and play. Then there was that one point in the night when I woke up to find a paw on my face and one of his claws in my nostril! Needless to say, I'm now exhausted and dying for a nap.

But no, I'm not. Lunch is in 15 or so, and I have some paperwork to accomplish. Four appointments to keep this afternoon from 2-4, so hopefully I can get some energy back by staying busy. Because once I get home, I need to mow the yard and One Ring wants to go out to dinner to celebrate the completion of the last paper of the semester. Don't get me wrong; I want to go also. I just need a bit more energy to get it accomplished!

In other news, I'll be happy when today is over. I'm so tired of hearing about Obama and Clinton sniping at each other, and I don't even live in Pennsylvania! I can't imagine what life is like out there. I guess you'd have to turn off the television and radio and keep them off for six weeks just to maintain your sanity. Thank God Tennessee isn't a swing state!

Okay, I'm collapsing. Time for lunch and caffeine. Peace out.

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