Friday, August 1, 2008

Update on My Mother

Last night my mother called with the results for her MRIs. Turns out she has a small aneurysm located somewhere in her right hemisphere. She goes Monday to the neurosurgeon to see about her options. Fortunately, my sister is going with her, and I've advised them to take a recorder along just in case things get confusing and emotional. Which I'm sure they will be.

I've been ordered by my mother to stay in Nashville until they get word on what will be done. Needless to say, I'm not happy about that at all. Still, I'd rather obey her wishes than get her upset by showing up unannounced on her doorstep. She likes to be obeyed like that.

For some weird reason, she decided to go in to work today. I told her that was crazy, to go to the place that gives her the most stress while she has this freaking time bomb in her head. But she said that it was better than just sitting around and moping about it. I'm not sure I agree.

But that's the latest. I'd appreciate it if everyone would continue to keep her in your thoughts, prayers, and meditations.

As for me, today's my last day as a chaplain. I'm cleaning out my desk as I write this. Also need to remember to wipe all the documents I saved to this hard drive. Nothing incriminating, of course, but I'd like to leave a cleaner workspace than I inherited.

And it keeps my mind off of things, too.

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