Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Am Such A Geek!

One of my odd quirks is that, during times of stress and anxiety, I often find comfort in returning to the interests and hobbies of my youth. So, when my birthday rolled around last week, and news of my mother's health crisis arrived at the same time that Sharkbait sent me a gift certificate to Target, I went nuts.

Nuts a'la Star Wars.

Yep, I broke down and bought the Ultimate Lightsaber kit that Hasbro has put out. Not too shabby, although it is clearly a toy and not a "collectable" lightsaber like the Master Replica series or the $300 custom types I've seen online. But I'm having fun building different style sabers and chasing the dogs around - and yes, they have that coming! I'm also planning on ordering some colored discs from The Custom Saber Shop. I found that by putting all of the colored plastic "crystals" in the saber, it gives off a white light. If I throw a colored disc on top of that, I should be able to get the yellow or orange color that I prefer. And if it doesn't work, oh well, the discs only cost $1.00 plus S&H for a pack of eleven.
The movie comes out on the 15th. Whirling Dervish, his family, and I (and possibly One Ring if I tie her up and force her to go) may see it on the 16th. I told him how sad it was that he wouldn't be able to expose his children to the craziness that is a Star Wars movie opening night, but being that this is an animated film, it may not draw the costumed crazies that I saw when Episode III came out. We'll see.
In other news, I talked to my mother yesterday. She said that she had heard great things about the neurosurgeon that she'll be meeting with tomorrow. I'll post the news about that meeting as soon as I get it. Again, I appreciate everyone's thoughts, prayers, and meditations while my family struggles with this new and frightening situation.

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