Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Pictures

For some reason, I was having trouble uploading tonight's photos of the puppies in one post. So I figured I'd try again. Just a few more, then I'm calling it a night.

This was Kona's first puppy. Note the latex gloves One Ring is wearing. I hope now people believe me when I say that she converted our bathroom into a labor and delivery unit!

Dog pile! At this point, only five pups had arrived. There would be three more before the day was done. The last two were mere minutes apart. I guess word had spread as to how great things were on the outside. Either that, or Kona had really had enough of all that pushing and shoving going on inside of her!

And here's Kona taking a break and nursing her babies. Right now she's asleep. We were able to get her away from the kids long enough to walk and feed her. But then it was back to being a mommy. Poor thing.

Well, that's all from here. More tomorrow from doggie central!

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