Thursday, August 21, 2008

Greetings from the New Job

Been here two weeks, and this is just about the first time I've had a chance to blog. Yeah, they've kept me that busy. Which is a good thing, since I really hate long periods of down time. Especially since that keep me in this one building and I can't run over to the snack shop like I used to when I got bored. Of course, that's good for my waistline, so I suppose I should be happy about that.

What I'm really happy about is that tomorrow is pay day. But I digress. A lot's been going on in the world and you know I can't keep from commenting on it!

First up, a confession.

I know I said that I was boycotting the Olympics, based largely on China's massive amount of violations of human rights, their oppression of the people in Tibet, and their participation and support of the regime in Sudan. Well, that lasted until Michael Phelps started racking up the medals. I watched him swim his last couple of races. The boycot went out the window. Not that my refusal to watch the games had any effect on China's policies. It was more of a way of stating that I thought that the IOC never should have allowed China to have the games in the first place and that everyone else should not support China as well. I don't think the president should have attended, nor should the other heads of state who showed up. And I think that China's antics - such as refusing every protest application they've received - show that they aren't interested in changing their tune.

But you've already read the news reports on all that, so you certainly don't need me chiming in!

In other news, the puppies are doing well. At some point, maybe this weekend, One Ring and I are going to take pictures of each individual puppy. I'll post them and any other pics up here. She's been taking some more shots of Kona - who's slimmed down quite a bit! - so I may post those as well.

I never knew how convoluted this job could be! So many details to keep track of, and so little brain power to do it (referring to my own noggin!). Things are getting easier, but only at a very gradual pace. Plus the patients still think I'm a chaplain, even though I've been introducing the new chaplain - who happens to be Whirling Dervish! - to everyone. Yeah, it's going to be cool to be working with The Derv for another year!

Let's see, what else. I'm missed my 20th reunion due to financial and puppy crises that this summer brought. There are a few friends I wish I could have seen, but to be honest, I couldn't remember three quarters of the names on the student roster! I did send in my information to the directory committee, so maybe that will help me get back in touch with the old crew.

There's other stuff - such as going to see Wall-E and Star Wars: The Clone Wars - but I'll leave that for later. Now that I have a routine that I'm settling into, I hope that I'll be able to post more!

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