Friday, August 22, 2008

Two Hours Left, and Then I Celebrate Pay Day!

Much to my surprise, the VA actually processed my new paycheck correctly. Even more surprising, there was an additional sum deposited to my account for the vacation time I never used while working as a chaplain! So today I'm experiencing a very unusual situation - a sudden increase in income. What else is there to do besides go out and live like a pirate!

Well, kinda like a pirate, I guess. One Ring may be okay with the wine (or rum!) and song, but she frowns at the "women" part of pirate celebration! Still, we're going out to dinner tonight, and then maybe this weekend we'll go shopping for some nicer clothes than the ones I've been passing off as "work attire." No one's complained, but still, it's time to retire some of those outfits.

It's boring now, here at work. The patients are watching a movie, and while there's always paperwork that I could be attacking, I'm suffering from a case of the Fridays. The lack of sleep that One Ring and I have been experiencing due to puppy care hasn't helped much, either. So the notion of writing chart notes, or taking online continuing education thingies(20 hours of the things!), is coming close to driving me to mutiny!

Which reminds me ... I'm getting back in the pirate frame of mind. Must be the weather, the prospect of vacation coming up (less than two months!), or feeling constrained by a system that squashes independent thought (but pays the bills). At any rate, now that I finally have an office of my own, I'm considering decorating it in a theme proper of the man who occupies it. This should be fun!

Alright, time to hit that pesky paperwork. Sigh!

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