Thursday, June 19, 2008

Updates Galore

First a brief news flash: My interview went very well. Everyone smiled and laughed in all the appropriate places (as opposed to, "You think you're qualified for this? Ha ha ha ha!), and a contact I have on the inside said that the interviewers were impressed - must have been with how I balance the Bible, Koran, Dhammapada, and Tao Te Ching on my nose at the same time while singing the finale from Les Miserables; that gets them every time! I'm interviewing for a second position at the same hospice firm on Tuesday, so please continue to send happy thoughts, prayers, meditations, etc.

But that's not all that's been going on here!

I just dropped One Ring off at the airport on my way to work. She's heading to LA for a conference on Pastoral Theology - and no, I can't explain what that is, so don't ask! According to her professor, people who attend these shindigs are more likely to get hired, since they're a lot of meet and greets in addition to the workshops and lectures. So I sent her off with a fond farewell and a request to get something nice for me (if she comes back with anything "Lakers" on it, she's in trouble! Celtics rock!). So it's just Barney and me doing the bachelor thing until Saturday night, when I get her at the airport. I'm just hoping the house is still standing when she returns. Barney has a way of doing things like that.

One Ring's father came into town on Tuesday with a friend of his - a really nice man from Morocco - and did an awesome job landscaping our property (yes, we often put house guests to work, so don't come looking for a free meal!). We planted three trees in our backyard, and buried Peanut's (our Dachshund who died in July) ashes under the middle tree. Then we planted some more flowers in our front beds. One Ring's dad surprised us by replacing a dead tree in our front yard with a nice crab apple tree. Hopefully One Ring won't get a job too quickly; I'd like to see these trees grow a little before we move!

Work here is getting more and more tiresome. I think going on exciting interviews has changed my perspective somewhat. In about 30 minutes I have a meeting that sometimes resembles the Bataan Death March in terms of length and suffering, then I teach my spirituality class, which leads directly into a counseling session, followed by a quick trip out to the Veterans Community Center for a funeral of one of the vets who was a regular there. I'm officiating, and just printed off the service. I hope it goes well.

Then it's back to this side of the fence for more fun with patients. At least tomorrow looks to be an easy day. I should be able to catch up on anything I miss then. I promised my instructor that I'd be at kung fu tomorrow and Sunday, so I'm hoping life here will go smoothly. Speaking of which, I emailed him about the great Praying Mantis style controversy. If I have time over lunch (assuming I get lunch today), I may post what I learned.

Okay, time to get my patient rosters ready. Let the craziness begin!

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