Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh, Where to Begin?

The day is over, thank the Lord! As promised, here is the running update of all the drama in my life. I'm serious, I really need to get this shirt:

First, The Job Drama!

After being told to get my paperwork in to human resources, I spent this morning preparing the last of the paperwork, printing out reams of documents, looking up addresses, and so forth. Only to be told by human resources that no, I could not apply for the chaplain positions at this time. Why? Because first round goes to the chaplains who already have jobs and are in the system! The people who don't need employment are the first to be considered. Yeah, that sounds fair.

Over on the hospice agency end of things, the interviews went well. Although I was less enthusiastic after the second interview, I was told that it is down to me and one other person. In fact, one of the questions the interviewer asked was, "Why shouldn't I hire the other person?"

My response was, "Well, not knowing the other person, I can't really give you specifics ..." She laughed and then I gave a BS-laden response on why I'm the best possible hospice chaplain since sliced bread. I was told that I should have a response from them within the next two weeks.

Meanwhile over in the addiction therapy ward, I spoke with the director today about a rumor of a position opening up. She said that there is a precarious temp job open that does not have benefits, but pays extremely well. They have a position possibly opening up in August, but that depends on the powers that be over on Mahogany Row (where the really nice offices are!). The downside of applying for that position is that I would have to jump through all the hoops that I've just spent the last several months leaping through. Again. For a different department. For the same HR department. Sigh!

In other non-work news, Tigger and Pooh and baby Boo came and went. They arrived Tuesday evening, and left Wednesday afternoon. Way too short a visit, though it was great to spend what time we could with them. Boo is super cute, and Barney got along great with her, which was quite the relief. Anyway, we're looking forward to October, when One Ring and I are travelling down to Disney World, are meeting the gang there, and can spend time with them again!

There may be more stuff to report on, but the clock says 4:00 now, and I really want to end this day. So if I forgot to mention anything, it will have to wait until tomorrow. Have a great rest of the day!


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