Thursday, June 5, 2008

Now Don't You REALLY Want to Visit Nashville?

This week, if you care (and I really don't), is the Country Music Association's Annual Festival out here in Nashville, TN. And in an effort to draw visitors and increase business, the Hotel Preston - which is near Opryland - has a new marketing scheme up its sleeve: The Redneck Special.

For a low, low price of only $149, here's what you get, in the hotel's own words:

Live like a local at the Hotel Preston with our Redneck Package. Only the best…bag of pork rinds and a six pack of PBR (that’s Pabst Blue Ribbon for you tourists) awaiting your arrival. And for some in-room tv snacks, RC Cola, Moon Pies and Goo Goo Clusters all made in Tennessee. Then, belly flop in our luxurious outdoor pool and don’t forget…no sun block allowed for that deep red tan! And experience the Trailer Park Resort in Nashville where you can compare your mullet to the wall of fame.

First chance I get, I'm moving. Far, far away!

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