Monday, June 23, 2008

I Had Hoped For Moments Like This

Well, the job search is in full swing. As I posted earlier, the interview on Tuesday went well, I have another one scheduled for this Tuesday, two more jobs posted for positions here, and I just got a phone call from the substance abuse treatment ward asking me to apply for a position that they have coming up! Sure, I'm not trained or qualified for addiction therapy, but hey, it looks like they think I can do the job!

It's still way too early to think that I'm out of the woods and my career is about to take off ("And everything's coming up roses!" as Ethel Merman sang in the movie Airplane!). But it's a whole lot better than it was a few weeks ago, when there was nothing on the horizon and the hospice jobs here looked like they would not materialize. I'm just praying that this change for the better maintains some momentum!

In other news, I ended up not going to the Tibetan Buddhist center yesterday. One Ring got in late Saturday night, and I was just too tired to get organized and make the drive in to Nashville. I do plan on going again, if for no other reason than to ask the "big question" - okay, my "big question" - namely, "If everything is seen as being 'empty,' that is, devoid of independent and permanent existance, what is up with all these divine beings and deities that are spoken of as if they were exceptions to emptiness?" We'll see if I can make sense of that. I like the place, like I said - they even have a course coming up in Tibetan! (doing the geek happy dance) - but there are days when I have trouble believing in one Divine being, let alone a whole pantheon that I wasn't expecting to show up in Buddhism!

Yeah, I'm neurotic, I know. : ) And curious to a fault. Take this morning for instance. Chaplain HQ sent us a list of religious traditions that they recognize. Most of them I recognized, but some (such as Bon, Cao Dai, and the Fourth Way) I have never heard of. So some moments of today are going to be spent doing research. Just for fun, of course. The odds of me running into a Cao Dai practitioner in suburban Tennessee are pretty remote, I think!

Today looks to be a pretty smooth one. Meetings and spiritual assessments in the afternoon, followed by a cleaning session at the house. We just found out that Tigger and Pooh are stopping by on their whirlwind family reunion tour tomorrow, and our house needs some fixing up. I've got a headache coming on, and every so often my vision goes kinds squirrely. I'm fearing that I may have a migraine coming on. Haven't had one of those in a while. Now would not be a good time for one (like there's ever a good time!).

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