Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Down Time

I had a busy morning, but my "to do" list ended about an hour ago. Now I have another hour to chill until my final appointment of the day comes in. He confirmed it earlier this afternoon, so I don't have to release the pit bulls. Lucky him.

I'm feelnig rather un-motivated this afternoon. I brought a translation of The Diamond Sutra with me for sedation reading material, but getting to the point where I actually pick up the book and read is more difficult than I thought. So I figured I'd blog instead.

Lucky you, getting to hear my ramblings! :) At any rate, I've been enjoying (insert heavy sarcasm here) the on again / off again withdrawal of Sen. Clinton from the nomination race. I've worked for places that had poor communication between staff members, but this is just silly. And I'm so ready for this to be over. Really. I'm excited at the prospects of history being made in my lifetime, but I am concerned about the Democratic Party. Ira Glass said the other night that "The Republicans, after 8 years of horrible approval ratings, a very unpopular war, and a President who is viewed almost as poorly as Nixon, could still win this. And I'm saying this as a Democrat ... with love in my heart ... and hate."

In other news, Whirling Dervish finds out tonight if he can get placed as a part time minister of a church about an hour or so from here. It's a very chaotic place, having driven insane away two previous pastors in less than a year. The money looks good for him, but the church sounds like the basis of a horror novel. Hmmm, maybe I should see what happens to him and then write the novel ... THAT might be a way out of this mess! Sorry, Dervish. Love to help you, but you're art in progress! :)

Changing the subject, One Ring and I have decided to table the discussion on rescuing another dog until after the summer is over. Barney the Dog of Destruction is occupying most of our time as it is, and with both of us working full time hours, it would be hard to acclimate a new puppy into the house. Plus I'm demanding a much larger bed if One Ring plans on allowing both dogs to sleep there!

Okay, I'm going to try to get some reading done. Which means I could be blogging again in ten minutes or so ...

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