Monday, July 21, 2008

Shouldn't Have Posted That Picture

Well, One Ring just got word from the family in Birmingham, AL. Turns out they had another family looking at the puppy, and when we said that we couldn't pick up the dog for another two weeks, they gave them to that other family. So we're back to being a one dog household.

One Ring is looking at the adoption websites for Beagles and Dachshunds (and in some cases, mixes of the two). So we'll see what happens. Now that we've decided that Barney the Dog of Destruction needs a playmate, I guess it's only a matter of time until he gets one!

In other news, I'm still waiting to hear from HR regarding my new job. They said last week that they were going to call me soon to have me fill out more paperwork (it is a government job, after all). But so far this week, nothing. My supervisor-to-be asked me if I'd be willing to work in Nashville rather than out here in Murfreesboro. I told her that while I'd rather be on this campus, I was grateful for any opportunity and was certainly not going to bite the hand that feeds! More later as the job situation develops. I hope it does soon, though! Things are excessively boring in chaplain land of late, and I need to present a case study on Wednesday. Definitely not good.

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