Monday, July 7, 2008

It's Monday - I'm Not Working, So There!

Actually, I should be working. It's just that there's so little of it for me to do! Monday's are dead here. No new patients to visit, most of the staff is gone in light of the Fourth of July holiday weekend, so I've been chilling out here and - obviously - blogging. I'm also trying to catch up on some things that I've been meaning to put up here. Like my latest obsession, one that can only be done at Disney World:

I want to build my own lightsaber!

Okay, okay. Quit laughing. I'm know I'm not the only pushing 40 geek out there who never owned one but wants to relive childhood! Shoot, I bought a minister friend of mine a lightsaber when he decided to move and become the pastor of a large church in NC ("Ready are you, my young Padawan!" I said as he unwrapped the gift). And yes, he's a Star Wars fanatic so it was appropriate. One Ring and I also bought a friend of ours the Hasbro make your own lightsaber kit (which now gets $40 or more on ebay!). He likes the series, too, though no word on whether or not he ever used the kit.

Anyway, the time has come for me to get one, and I'm driving One Ring nuts by my constant answering of "building a lightsaber," whenever she asks, "What are you looking forward to the most for our next Disney trip?" We're going with Tigger and Pooh in October, btw. I'm trying to convince Tigger that he needs one, but I think he wants the $150+ Master Replica ones.

My obsession started when I found this blog entry, written by a Disney fanatic who went with her son to Downtown Disney's Once Upon a Toy store. The setup looks awesome, and the idea of building your own saber is just plain cool. Plus it's part of the Star Wars saga - every budding Jedi has to build his or her own saber! Not only that, but I'd like to have it in my office, and occasionally whack patients over the head when they say something annoying.

They also give you a pin, and I collect Disney pins. Must have Disney pins ....

So that's the latest on my non-serious life. Our celebration of the fourth went well, though I developed stomach problems yesterday and couldn't go to kung fu. I'm having a really hard time making classes lately. I hope that I'm not asked to leave for lack of participation! Saturday we went to Smithville, TN for a town festival with Whirling Dervish and his wife. Had a good time though I nearly melted in the heat. I was born in Massachusetts and lived for a short while in Siberia; I do not like hot weather! One Ring bought some earrings and I bought a print that has the Chinese character for eternity. Very cool. We're going to look for frames for that and some other prints we own soon.

Okay, time to find more work to do. The fun thing about being a resident is that they really don't expect you to do all that much. In fact, I've had more people express surprise when I do my job than not! Not that I normally don't do my job. It just seems that residents aren't expected to work. Odd, when you stop to think about it.

My application for the Addiction Therapist job went to HR today. I've been given a time frame of 2-4 weeks to hear a response, and most of the people in the department don't see any obstacles to my getting the position. However, knowing this facility, I am taking nothing for granted. Until I get it in writing, and my first paycheck in hand (or in bank!), I'm not assuming anything. Still no word from the Hospice agency. I should hear something this week. We'll see.

More later.

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