Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Not What I Expected to Get for an Answer!

So in one of yesterday's posts I mentioned my silly desire to build a lightsaber. I had come across a blog post in which I learned that there was a kiosk at Walt Disney World where one could do just that. The only question left, then, was what color should I make the blade. So tonight, while resting this evening, I decided to take some geeky online blog quizzes to find out which color would best fit my personality. Here's what I found:

What's your lightsaber color?
My Result: Yellow
Myspace Quizzes Often violent, you are the most emotional of the jedi. It's easy for you to fall to the dark side.

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Meanwhile, over at quizfarm, I got the color result "yellow / orange" for an answer, but they offered no explanation for what the color symbolized. I then found this explanation from a deleted quiz over at quizilla:
Orange is your Lightsaber color.

Orange represents energy and enthusiasm. It also
symbolizes strength and endurance. People with
orange lightsabers are curious about life, and
the world around them. Fascination catches them
at every turn, and they are creative enough to
understand life's potential.

Weird. So finally, I decided to get a third opinion. Behold what the ULTIMATE Lightsaber Color Selector Quiz said:

ULTIMATE Lightsaber Color Selector


A powerful version of the Master's Blade. Yet very rare. This bolder blade has the force flowing through it fully.

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So why am I thinking that Disney's not going to have any of these colors? : )

Okay, enough silliness. I'm going to bed. Peace!

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