Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Meetings, Who Needs 'em?

Boss is out for the day, and I have a meeting in 10 minutes. Temptation is creeping in and inviting me to run off campus to do something fun (such as attack the local Hobby Lobby or something equally irresponsible). But no, I'll probably do the right thing and just go to the meeting and do my job. Darn you adulthood for stealing my fun!

I just sent One Ring an email in which I once again bring up the topic of lightsaber creation. It's become an inside joke, where I act like an obsessed geek who is still living in his parent's basement. It usually drives her to exasperation! Anyway, in this email I told her about a Disney forum post where someone listed how many saber parts you could buy for the listed 20 buck price:

(2)saber grips
(2)saber covers
(1)end cover
(1)coloured stone
(2)coloured lens

Apparently, though, the only colors are blue, red, green, and purple. That's okay, though, because of the lenses I found online. Only question is if they'll fit.

In other - far more serious - news, I've been working on my meditation practice and understanding as it relates to spirituality and other aspects of everyday life. One Ring mentioned that the program employed by Weight Watchers, for example, uses a great deal of mindfulness training in not only picking what one will eat, but how much one will eat in a serving. I had a momentary burst of insight (before coffee, even!) that while I've been practicing mindfulness in some areas, I've allowed my mind to wander during much of the day. This has led to suffering (expanding waist line, lack of attention paid to patients, skipping meetings, etc.) in many areas. So I'm going to have to work on that.

And on that note, I'm about to be late for a meeting.

More later.

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