Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Well, That Didn't Take Long!

Remember my last post? The one where I told you that twenty Americans were being held captive by Somali pirates on a freighter from Norfolk, Virginia?

Yeah, well, it's all over.

The crew apparently didn't need the help of the United States Navy. Or any navy for that matter. They took the ship back themselves.

So I guess the message is that if the world really wants this pirate war to end, all they need to do is put Americans onboard! Think about it, what with the unemployment rate here being sky high, what would be a better solution? We get jobs, and the pirates get their tails kicked back to Somalia! : )

For the record, I'm not aware of even one instance of this happening during the Golden Age of Piracy (1650-1725). A lot of pirates are rolling in their graves right about now!

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