Tuesday, April 7, 2009

And Fake Pirate Update

Saw this yesterday morning in the parking lot at work. The decal is on the front winshield of a black Scion XB (which I tend to call "milk wagons" due to their shape). I'm sorry, but calling your car "The Black Pearl" and using an old English font does not make you a pirate. Lubbers and rednecks all!

And this is coming from the guy who decorated his car in a "Haunted Mansion" theme. Don't worry, though. I've already promised One Ring that I won't do anything to my next car (which will hopefully be purchased soon after my new job is finalized).

It will however, probably still be rather piratical. Why? 'cause the way my household economy is at the moment, I'll probably end up getting a Toyota Y-Arrrrrrr-is! : )

But no stickers. That's just tacky.

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