Monday, April 13, 2009

Feeling Marooned

Today is frustrating, boring, and lonely. Not sure why - I mean there's the obvious reason that the doctor is on vacation and so I'm all alone at my end of the hall with nothing to do - but I'm just really over it today. Like I just want to wander off and find something much more interesting to do, such as watching paint dry or ants march. It's just been that kind of day.

Before I forget, the above painting is by 19th Century painter Howard Pyle and is entitled Marooned. So don't anyone sue me for not citing sources! Of course, that raises the question whether pirates actually cite sources, or just steal them outright! : ) But I digress ...

I guess part of the problem is the natural let down I'm feeling from being off all weekend and coming back to work - an environment that seems to be growing more dysfunctional at an exponential rate. The only other person I work with in this department (other than the aforementioned doctor) is going to be out tomorrow, and is in the process of trying to send most of his work my way. Annoying Coworker is also trying to sow discord by bringing in my superiors and insinuating that I'm not doing my job. And nothing gets my rage going than for a lazy person to call me lazy!

You know what? I'm going to continue this rant later. Drink Man just called and he's doing a coffee run. I'll be back in a few when I'm calmed down more.

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