Friday, April 24, 2009

Is It Wrong ...

... to want to build a house that looks like this?

Yes, it's my dream. Will it come true? Doubtful. But there's something about the Haunted Mansion in Disney World that would make for an awesome home! : )

By the way, there is a pirate connection to this house - or at least the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland. According to one of the backstories, Master Gracey, the owner of the Haunted Mansion, was a pirate who attempted to buy his way into New Orleans society by marrying the daughter of a noble. While Capt. Gracey was out to sea, apparently "financing" the wedding, the father of the bride informed her that her fiance had died in a shipwreck. Distraught, the bride raced through the bayou to the Captain's mansion, where she locked herself in the attic. She died there of a broken heart and became the "Bride in the Attic" ghost (of course, the current Disney World bride in the attic is a "black widow" serial killer).

Captain Gracey, upon his return, hung himself from the entryway rafters, and became the "Ghost Host" that we all know and love.

You can find this story under the heading, "Portrait #2" here. You can also find a dramatic audio reading of this story at the Doombuggies site. Look on the left hand site for the "Nuptual Doom" picture and link. It's really good, and I listen to it every Halloween for fun.
Going to lunch. Back sometime today.

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