Monday, April 6, 2009

Sleepy Monday

There were storms last night. I know this because Kona kept getting up and going outside to investigate the noises. No, she's not like other dogs. In fact, I'm pretty certain she's insane. One Ring is taking her to the vet today to rule out a physical cause to her occasional aggressive outbursts towards Barney the wimpy Beagle. We found some (very) minor wounds on his ear that could have come from racing through brush or from Kona's attacks, but we're not sure. So we're going to the vet, see what he says, and then taking her to obedience classes for some behavior modification.

So between the weather (and no, the tornados that hit Nashville did not come near us, although it was pretty scary for a while there) and Kona, I didn't sleep all that well last night. Which means I really want a nap RIGHT NOW! But, sadly, Annoying Coworker keeps calling me - even though he's right down the hall! - and asking me to do stuff. Doesn't he know that when the doctor is working in the ER, that's my nap time? Sheesh.

In other news...

I gave in to temptation and bought a box (18 packs) of Pirate cards. Yes, Wiz Kids was shut down by its parent company, Topps, and yes, there is no one here to play that most awesome of pirate tabletop games (like there are any other pirate table top games? None that I know of!), but still, I dropped $20 including s&h. Which came out to something like $0.72 per pack, if I don't include s&h and $1.11 if I do. Since they're $4 per pack in the stores - when you can find them - I'm pretty happy with the price. And I did find solo rules for the game, which I may use if I can't find anyone to play with. We'll see.

In more mature news, One Ring and I booked our anniversary getaway. It's 10 years this time around, so we decided to do something nice - and it's not Disney related (gasp! shock! outrage!)! We've booked a B&B for two nights in Chattanooga, where we'll hang out in the art district, see the aquarium and NOT go to the Dragon Dreams Dragon Museum, which is THE place to see what happens when OCD mixes with someone's hobby of collecting dragon related dust collectors! We went there the last time we were in Chattanooga, and while it was interesting to see some of the pieces that came from faraway places like Tibet, China, and Japan, most of it was just sad. Anyway, One Ring has spoken her piece and counted to three (a'la O Brother, Where Art Thou), so that is that.

In less mature news, that same weekend is the Tennesee Renaissance Festival's Pirate Weekend. So we're coming back on Sunday so I can get my pirate on. Huzzah!

This just in - One Ring called. Kona is physically healthy, and exhibiting behavior consistent with a dominant female. The Vet recommends behavior training, which is our next step. More on the crazy nut as things progress.


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