Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Momentary Slowdown

So I figure I'll post a bit. First some good news.

The suicidal patient from yesterday was found alive, well, and not suicidal. Turns out that he was just mouthing off and venting his anger at the doctor. Figures. I'm finding it hard to resist the temptation to beat the tar out of him for making a very serious claim when he wasn't actually feeling that way.

But now I'm breathing a sigh of relief, although I am receiving a ton of memos and manuals from people I don't know at the hospital on how to properly treat suicidal patients. Of course I already KNOW that and have proven that before; people apparently feel the need to pass on knowledge and show how smart they are.

Drink Man is having a rough time today as one of his friends is leaving to take a job in West Palm Beach, FL. Meanwhile, her replacement has OCD and is obnoixious as hell. So this morning my cell phone was flooded with text messages from him complaining how screwed up things were in his building. He had calmed down by lunch, but apparently she is still critical of everything and anything she finds. Thing is, he has far, far more education and training (and experience) than she ever will. And she's trying to tell him what he's doing wrong.

I just fired off an email to the head of Chaplain Services, just to see if there was still any chance of me getting hired on there. Not sure if I even want the position they have (even though the money is A LOT better). But with all the craziness and disgruntled employees around here, it might not be a bad idea. And this whole suicide thing has me a tad shaken; it just hit me way too close to home.

Well more in a little while. I need to check on a few things.


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