Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Chaos

Hey all, hope everyone had a good weekend. What with the end of "Talk Like A Pirate Day," this post will be written in modern english (the language, not the band!).

Things were pretty strange in these waters. Don't know if you heard where you are, but there was a run on gasoline in Nashville this past week. News that there was a disruption in the supply lines due to Hurricane Ike reached us, then mingled with a rumor (no one is sure where that came from) that said that middle Tennessee was going to run completely out of gasoline. In no time there were wait times of an hour or more at most stations, as motorists filled up, topped off, and filled back up gas cans in order to beat the rumored shortage.

Thing is, the rumored shortage became a real shortage, as just about every station ran out. Gas prices shot up to over $4 here, and over $5 in Knoxville. Shows you what a rumor can do.

Needless to say, that snafu held us back a little bit. Fortunately, I still had half a tank of gas in my car and was able to run us around on our weekend errands until the tanker trucks started reaching the gas stations again. We did go to another pet adoption fair put on by the SPCA of Tennessee. The big news is that two of our puppies, Rorshach and Prima, may be adopted soon. I took the news pretty hard, because Rorshach is the runt of the litter, and my personal favorite. So when One Ring told me the news, I yelled, "No! Tell him that she's already mauled three children and ate a Pit Bull for breakfast!"

It didn't work, and as soon as she's old enough, Rorshach is off to her new home. We're waiting on Prima's possible new owner to fill out the paperwork, but he and his girlfriend seemed so smitten by her that I'm pretty confident he'll jump through all the hoops to get it done.

That's about all that went on this weekend - and it was quite enough. And in case you're curious, here's what the puppies are looking like these days. I snapped these two pictures with my phone while we were driving over to the adoption fair.

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