Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boring Day and Other Tales

Yep, it's a dull one. I'm down to two patients on my roster, although a third was just admitted to the program. And since half the staff moved to another building on campus, things here have been quiet. Too quiet. In fact, downright boring. I know, I know, I should enjoy it. But to be honest, when I'm not active, I get sleepy. And I really don't want to be falling asleep at my desk right about now! Even though a nap sounds awfully good!

So, instead, here is an update of what's going on in casa de Pirate:

First off, Barney the Dog of Destruction has struck again. This time, the victim was One Ring's cell phone, which she accidentally left on the coffee table when she jumped up to tend to the puppies. Behold, if you will, the tragic remains:

We're going to the Verizon shop later in the week to replace it.

On Saturday, One Ring and I went to a local PetSmart for a pet adoption fair. It's still too early to adopt the puppies out - they're too old by 3 weeks or so - but it was still important to get them out in the public so people can hold them, fall in love with them, and get it set in their minds that they need to adopt one or six. Three or four people seemed interested, but we'll see if it holds. Hopefully, we'll have them all housed by the time we leave for Disney World on October 17th.

That's right, there's just one month left until vacation! I can't wait. And since we added on points in the Disney Vacation Club, we were given a free vacation in December! A little excessive, doing the Disney thing twice in less than three months, but I'm not complaining. One Ring's parents are tagging along on the second journey, so we'll get to show them our favorite restaurants, hang-outs, resorts, and that sort of thing. Should be lots of fun. Okay, I need to get out of my office before I lose my mind or fall asleep on my desk. Peace.

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