Friday, September 26, 2008

One Hour More

And then I can flee this place for calmer (and saner) waters.

It's been crazy today. And I mean that in a clinical sense. I probably shouldn't be too surprised, being that I work in addiction medicine - which is part of the mental health world - but sometimes I just shake my head and wonder, "What were you thinking?" So far today, I've been ambushed by a coworker, lied to repeatedly by a patient, and trapped in my office by another colleague who wanted to tell me her entire life story. I suppose what's really surprising is that I've had more trouble coming at me today from the people I with whom I work than the patients! Although they, too, are proving to be a handful when it comes to group dynamics and issues of race, class, and every other -ism you can think of.

I just hope that this weekend is better.

Tonight One Ring and I are heading to a friend of her's apartment for dinner. The friend's boyfriend might be there, and I'm sorry to say that I'm hoping that he isn't. There are some personality issues that keep popping up, and I have a low tolerance for drama. I've already warned One Ring that this will be a short night if anyone acts out.

Still no news on the puppy adoptions. Three people expressed interest, but nothing has been etched in stone yet. They're cute and lovable, so hopefully we'll find good homes for all of them soon.

Okay, I have a little more work to do before heading home. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Oh, remember that evangelist I mentioned - the whack job who thought that the age of consent should be puberty? Yeah, he got busted. I'm sure they'll just love him in prison!

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