Tuesday, September 23, 2008

There Has to be Better Ways to Spend an Afternoon!

I have 30 minutes until I can flee for home. And flee would be the right word, for I have had a day. Patients squabbling, coworkers acting weird and threatening to leave (again), and Whirling Dervish got some bad news (again) regarding his job search. Add to that the usual craziness that inhabits these corridors - addiction medicine is always insane - and basically it's been a peach of a day, with long periods of boredom and moments of terror.

Or however the quote goes.

So now I have The Cure blaring out of my computer speakers - sad little things that they are, but it's all I have right now - and I'm staring at the clock. Blech.

The package containing my wooden ship and a gift of a model pirate ship from Sharkbait arrived yesterday. My mother even added a present of a framed drawing of a conch shell. The wooden ship and the drawing are now in my office, and the pirate ship will join them as soon as I get it built and painted. Of course, I haven't built a model since I was a kid, so this will be interesting. The pieces are really small, too. I figure the whole ship will be less than 6" long. This may take me a while. Unfortunately, hobby shops seem to be in short supply out this way, so finding model glue and paint may not be as easy as it used to be.

In puppy news, it looks like we've got homes for three of the puppies. We've had inquiries about Othello, Prima, and Rorschach. We're also pushing to find foster homes for the ones who aren't looking like they're going to be adopted right away. So far the SPCA of Tennessee has been really good about working with us. I just want to be sure that the puppies are somewhere else before we go on vacation.

Okay, ten minutes to go. Chart notes have been entered and signed. Time to pack up and bug other people before I go home and then off to the great hobby shop hunt. One Ring just called and said that she saw a new one at a nearby shopping center. Worth a look see.

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