Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Looks Like A Soggy Trip Home

Just got off the phone with Sharkbait. He had texted me yesterday, suggesting that I bring some extra clothes along in case I get stranded in Virginia Beach. "Stranded?" I asked. "Why would I get stranded?"

"'cause of Hannah." He wrote back.

Yeah, I had spent so much time focused on Gustav, who was tearing through the gulf, that I never even noticed that there was another storm hanging out in the Caribbean.

So now it looks like I'm going to miss out on getting to see the ocean, walk on the Chesapeake Bay, or pick up some sea glass. Well, not if I want to do it and stay dry at the same time. Apparently they're predicting that at some point over the weekend, it's going to hit the Carolinas, and then head north. Which means for a very wet time with the family. Oh, well.

Sharkbait did tell me that he is scoping out a few places where we can go shopping for office decorations. Which is way cool. Got to get my pirate on in this place. I had to lower the boom on one of my patients, more as a way of letting him know that I'm taking his recovery seriously than just to bust on him. Didn't feel to good. I'm sure that I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I had the appropriate look to the office. You know, something that would make my threats to keelhaul seem that much more believable!

The good news is that we're now down to an hour and a half on my first day back from the Labor Day weekend. That means I'm about two hours from a nap, as One Ring should be home long before me and the dogs will be pacified by her presence. She has that effect on them. Last night Barney, after getting beaten up (again) by Kona, curled up behind her on the bed, so his head was touching hers. I don't think there was a point through the entire night that he was not touching her for security and comfort!

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