Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Signs That You're Not Cut Out to be a Pirate Captain

Your crew starts shooting each other!

Yep, supposedly the stress of being surrounded by the U.S. Navy has sparked some debate among the 40 - 50 pirates aboard the Ukrainian freighter Faina. And, as sometimes happens with heavily armed high strung types, now they're forming factions and gunning for each other. Such a lack of discipline!

But they shouldn't feel too bad about things falling apart. The same thing happened to William Kidd, when his crew mutinied twice, the second time taking his ship and leaving him with only 12 or 13 loyal sailors to help him get from Madagascar to New York. And Stede Bonnet was such a lousy captain that his entire crew left him to join Blackbeard. Being that he didn't have even a rowboat, let alone any allies to help him get home, he stayed on as a "guest" of Blackbeard for almost a year. He took up piracy again, after changing his name (no one would serve under him!) and getting hold of another ship, but was caught and hanged less than six months later.

That's your pirate moment o' the day. Now get back to work, ye lubbers!

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