Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lull in the Action

I'm finally getting a chance to breathe today. Been a busy one, as I've been trying to prepare several patients for rotation back into the real world now that they're (temporarily at least) sober. Lots of paperwork, counseling sessions, and arranging of housing options for the homeless vets. Enjoyable, but sometimes stressful work.

In the meantime, One Ring and I are trying to decide whether or not to expand our timeshare with the Disney Vacation Club. Not something to be taken lightly, but something I would love to do. More time in Florida, more opportunity to invite family and friends to go with us, and more chances for me to act like a kid again. Hopefully, we'll be able to make it happen.

Speaking of "making it happen," I was unable to convince my sister to allow my niece to come with us to Disney World. Seems that my sister and her husband want to take the kids on their own for their first visit. However, since they just bought a boat, and my nephew is two, that won't be for another four years, at least. Needless to say, I was left grumbling about the whole situation. Unfortunately, barring breaking federal kidnapping laws, there's nothing I can do to convince her otherwise. Sigh.

And the boat they bought? It's an outboard motor boat. 17 footer. The kind just like everyone else in the world owns. Ick. Give me sails and maybe a little manuevering engine, but nothing more mechanical than that. A nice sloop ... something with lots of sailcloth and cannon. Now that's the life for me!

Other than that, my quick trip home to Virginia Beach went well. I bought an inexpensive wooden ship that is supposed to be the HMS Victory. Since it was made in China, though, it doesn't have all the detail that would identify it as such. Come to think of it, I think it doesn't even have a British flag flying from the mainmast! My mother is shipping it, since there was no way I could get it on the plane ride home. As it was, I was travelling without checking any bags. First time I'd tried that, and it's definitely the way to go.

Tropical Storm Hanna hit west of my mother's home, so we were spared the brunt of the storm. I spent part of Sunday helping her clean up her yard. No house damage to speak of, just branches in the front yard, same as every other storm I can remember. Which was a big relief. Lots of other people haven't done so well.

Well, 45 minutes until I'm on my way home. Hope everyone is having a quiet, enjoyable end of the day!

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