Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Proper Office for a Pirate

Gradually, my office is being converted to fit more to my personality. I ordered a ship in a bottle, which arrived last week. That's now sitting on my desk. My mother should be shipping the wooden ship model I purchased when I was in Virginia Beach sometime soon. And last night my brother, Sharkbait, called to let me know that he had picked up a pirate ship model. So now I'm all set in terms of tall ships. All that's left are any wall decorations I may find or some other dust collectors. Pretty good progress, overall. Here are some pictures of the ships, in case you're interested:

The ship in a bottle, obviously.

And the pirate ship that Sharkbait is sending off this week. I don't have any pictures of the third ship. I'll post that once I receive it and get it set up here.

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