Monday, May 5, 2008

Okay Now That Obama has Distanced Himself From Rev. Wright

Will Sen. McCain rebuff his big religious supporter, the Rev. John Hagee?

Although Rev. Wright is a member of my denomination, and speaks out of the Black Liberation Theology movement, I agree that some of the things he said over the last couple of weeks are inflamatory. Most of those comments, which came from his presentation at the National Press Club, can be found on YouTube (I can't access YouTube from work, so you're on your own there). But even his wildest stuff - such as claiming the U.S. Government created AIDS to conduct biologcial warfare on its own people - can compare to what Hagee is saying.

Among Hagee's "greatest hits":

The Roman Catholic church, which he calls "The Great Whore," thirsts for the blood of the Jewish people.

The Koran commands Muslims to kill Jews and Christians.

Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans because God wanted to stop a Gay Pride parade scheduled for the next day.

The Holocaust came about because Jews were disobedient to God.

Fun, fun. My personal favorite is his ongoing work with Christians United for Israel. Under the guise of being a pro - Israel fundraising group that fosters a better relationship between Jews and Christians, Hagee is actually operating under a much different belief. According to the beliefs of the evangelical right, the nation of Israel must engage in a war with its Arab neighbors and take back all of its land - in other words, expanding its territory to it's Biblical boarders. From there, after everyone is involved in the Battle of Armageddon, Jesus returns, and the Jews will be converted to Christianity. So CUFI's role isn't so much a charity for the nation of Israel; it's an attempt to set them up for slaughter so a certain prophetic (and not really scriptural, I might add) belief of how the end of the world is going to play out can occur.

So, again I ask the question: If Sen. Obama has to do this song and dance to distance himself from Rev. Wright, why isn't Sen. McCain doing the same over his relationship with Rev. Hagee?

In case you're interested, here's a much better written editorial from the New York Times.

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