Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just As Predicted

The United Church of Christ (full disclosure - they're my peeps) was cleared by the Internal Revenue Service of charges that it crossed the line between church and state by having Sen. Barack Obama speak at its General Synod in Hartford, Conn. last summer.

Here's the full story found on the UCC's website.

Boo-to-the-Yah, baby! : )


Leanna7074 said...

Way to go, peeps! :)

Chris Cottingham said...

Yeah, it never sounded like a substantive complaint - just people playing politics. Nice that the IRS didn't take forever coming to a determiniation. Curious though - I've not been listening to as much news as usual this week, but I didn't hear anything about this from my normal news sources. It's curious because when the allegations were made I heard about it several times. Coincedence?