Monday, May 19, 2008

A Brief Recap of A Hectic Weekend

Plus a bit of current event craziness.

First off, I'm currently trying to fill out an application for a hospice position that has just opened up. As with all chaplain positions out here, the water is already red with blood and would be chaplains are in a frenzy trying to be the first to catch the eye of the HR department over there. I sent my resume last week, talked to the HR people Thursday and today, and am now trying to fill out an online application. The problem?

For some reason, the internet connection here is not letting me get to that particular page!!!! Let's see, I can blog from work, surf the net from work, go shopping from work, download mp3s of flippin' Buddhist chants if I want, but to visit a hospice application website? Oh, noooooooo. I have no idea what the problem is, but Internet Explorer and Mozilla are both unable to get the thing running. The only problem I can think of is that either the site is down on their end, or that there is a block for just the application section of the hospice site on my end. Grrrrr.

Aside from that, today is also paper writing day. I absolutely must get that rediculous two page, single space, suitable for publication in an online journal article done by Friday. And since the boss isn't here and I only have two commitments today, one I might skip, today is the day that it needs to get done.

Other events that may get mentioned during dull moments of the day: I had an eye exam from a doctor who seemed to go to the John Malkovich school of acting; went to kung fu class; One Ring sang in church; the mala that I ordered arrived on Saturday; and I wish I could be somewhere else at the moment. That and I had a bout of depression that sidelined me for most of the weekend. Oh, well. Such is the stuff of life.

Okay, back to attacking the paper and the internet.

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