Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy National Sea Monkey Day!

No, I'm not going to expand on that topic more. I just wanted to be one of the few people in this country to say it!

Life in Casa de V.A. has been hectic. I still haven't written that paper that supposedly was due today; we had a reprieve and are now being told that it's due next week. I'm not excited about it at all. If I wanted to do research I'd be getting another Master's or a Ph.D.! But we do what we have to do to get by. After that, life is what you make of it.

Speaking of life, yesterday was One Ring and my 9th anniversary. We went out to dinner and tried to remember what we did on previous anniversaries. One Ring could remember all but one; I remembered once I was reminded by One Ring what we did! But she knew my memory was bad when she married me, so I'm not feeling that guilty. 'sides, it's been 9 years! Prior to this, I considered myself lucky if I could make a relationship last 3 months!

In other news, One Ring wants another dog - a Dachshund. She's found a couple on rescue sites, and is thinking of making inquiries. I'm not as confident about this as she is, but if I get a better job, we'll certainly be able to afford another (small) mouth to feed.

Speaking of jobs, I heard from the hospice firm yesterday afternoon, and they're supposed to call me back today. We'll see what happens. In a strange, ironic twist, this hospice firm does a lot of work with the non-profit where I used to work. Fortunately, my complaints regarding that non-profit disappeared when my previous blog bit the dust. So if I do get hired, my level of awkwardness won't be as great.

Also, Whirling Dervish got an out of the blue offer from a United Methodist Camp in Western Tennessee. He's still trying to feel out what the work entails, and whether or not he'd be happy doing camp ministry, but it's better than working at a certain bookstore I could mention! I hope it turns out well for him. He's too talented and spiritual a person to waste his time doing non-religious work.

In still other news, I finally broke down and ordered a mala from a firm that donates some of its proceeds to the Free Tibet movements. It's called DarmaShop. They have a wide selection of Tibet and Buddhist related items. I'll probably shop there again in the future. I want to pick up a "Free Tibet" shirt to wear during the Olympics.

So why did I buy a mala? Well, although I finally made one that fits well and serves the purpose, I'm still not satisfied with the way it came out. And after spending $15 or so on supplies, only to discover that most of the supplies are made in China (oh, the cruel irony!), I figured that I had to do something for Tibet to balance things out. Plus, I felt the need for retail therapy yesterday. So there!

I don't want to work! But, alas, I have to. So I'm off for now. Long, painful ethics case meeting at 11, floor work before that, and then I'm taking Whirling Dervish out to lunch for his birthday.

So more later.

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