Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Am So Traumatized!

Today is my first day back from vacation. As such, I'm finding it extremely hard to motivate myself to do anything productive. Even though I have a class to teach in 45 minutes, a paper due last Friday (still not finished), and patients to visit, I don't feel like doing much. On top of that, my psyche has been deeply scarred.

This morning, while getting ready to leave the house, I heard Barney barking in our backyard. He was digging furiously at a spot up against the rear of our house. I didn't think anything of it until I heard a faint squeaking coming from the same area. So I went running out and found that our Dog of Destruction had found a rabbit nest, and three baby bunnies. They were so young, that their eyes still hadn't opened and their skin was completely fur less. Barney immediately grabbed one in his mouth and began his favorite game of "come and chase me!"

After several minutes of me screaming, Barney running, and the bunny squeaking, I finally caught him, freed the bunny, and tossed it over the fence, where I prayed that mother rabbit would soon find her young. Not knowing about the other two bunnies, I went back inside and proceeded to finish getting ready. Then I heard the doggy door slam.

Yep, there was Barney, tail wagging, yet another bunny in his mouth. This time the chase went all over the house, where I finally caught the dog on our bed when he dropped the bunny to catch his breath. This bunny I let loose in the front yard by the flower. No sooner had I done that, then Barney went out and picked up the last of the bunnies and returned to the house. Repeat chase scene.

When I left the house, one of the bunnies looked okay, the other two I have no idea about. I'm going to think positively and hope that mama bunny came back and saved the day. In all likelihood, though, the neighborhood cats are currently looking skyward and saying, "Thank you, God!"

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