Monday, August 3, 2009

A Minor Choice

I've finally decided what design to use for my tattoo, should I ever get around to having ink done - and should I ever be able to convince Pooh to go along with my plan when she comes out to visit One Ring and me a day before her husband Tigger joins us! It's called an Enso, and is a type of Japanese Zen calligraphy. Usually it stands for enlightenment, oneness, realization, completeness, etc.; all the things that I'm working towards understanding in life. Enso come in all sorts of different styles, some are closed and some, like this one, are open. I chose this one because I like the visibility of the brush stroke and the way the circle doesn't look like an oval, as do many of the designs I've seen.

Oh, and I'm not adding the characters to the right and lower left of the picture. I have no idea what they say, and I'm really hesitant to ink something I can't read!

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