Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crap, it's my birthday

And the coworker formally known as Drink Man has everyone at work believing I'm 40! Grrr. I'm only 39, and I deserve to have my year before the big four - oh. Not only that, but he's 41, and is now trying to pass himself off as 40. I'm sorry, but you can't take one of your years and add it to mine!

Work has been non-stop today, in part because Annoying coworker called in sick for the second clinic day in a row. From one perspective, that's been absolutely wonderful. From another, it's made for extra work and people scrambling to cover his duties. In both ways, though, it makes me look good for being flexible and hard working, so I'm happy.

Last night Formerly Drink Man and I went out to look at guitars at the local music shop. I fell in love with an arctic white Fender Fat Strat. It was the "made in Mexico" variety, so it was roughly $500, as opposed to the Made in America $1,200 kind. Despite the urgings of friends on Facebook, I did not purchase it, mainly because it will be a long time before One Ring and I recover from her not working during this summer due to her exams and our trip to Disney World. Also, ahead on the list of must buys are a new car and a replacement for my computer. So I must remain separated from my new love for a while. Barring a winning lottery ticket or a very generous friend or relative, this will be a while!

Meanwhile, One Ring is taking me out to dinner tonight. I'm trying to finess a trip to the local game store and see if I can get something out of this. Or maybe something guitar-related. We'll see.
Okay, 30 minutes and then I'm gone.

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