Thursday, July 9, 2009

Continued Conflict and Online Comic Books

Annoying Coworker was especially annoying over the last few days, leading to a conflict that left me unable to blog coherently (eyes crossed by frustration will do that to you!). Suffice to say that attempts to end this peacefully by appealing to higher authorities (my supervisor and the assigned chaplain to my department - the position that I once held) seemed to go nowhere. Actually it went further with the chaplain than it did with my boss, unfortunately. So I may have to deal with the nutjob - that's a technical term - myself. At least Drink Man (who has been sober since his accident, thankfully) and a few of the others have my back, so that's good.

I'll blog more tomorrow, as there is only 14 minutes left to my work day and I'm exhausted. In the meantime, I have a new favorite web comic book - Shadowgirls. Think Lovecraft-inspired plot (and a good one, at that) meets characters with lots of chutzpah. Enjoy. I'll be adding a link to the list on the right.

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