Friday, August 7, 2009

End of the Day, Friday Blahs

The Doctor called in sick today, which pretty much killed my work load. Seriously. Aside from one phone call from a patient, I have made all of three phone calls and led one process group. The rest of the time has been wasted - er - spent surfing the web, checking email, and chatting with coworkers. Even Annoying Coworker seems to have been having a case of the Fridays today, as he has spent today and much of the week away from my office. Hmmm, I would guess he's reloading, but even he shouldn't take that long!

One Ring is taking the first of three qualifying exams today. Once she passes those, then she'll have to work on her dissertation proposal and then the dissertation itself. I figure that should keep us here for another two years or so, and then we'll move to wherever she can find work. I've given her a list of my preferences - near the coast, cooler climate, blue state - but we'll go where the work is, I guess. I've also teased her that she's about to become my "Sugar Mama," and I couldn't wait until I could stay at home and watch TV and grow fat while she did all the financial heavy lifting! I believe I was hit by a heavy object at that point, though my memory is a tad fuzzy! : )

Tonight we're supposed to have dinner with a bunch of her long-suffering classmates, one of whom is taking her exams as well. After that, I suppose I'll work on the new computer or practice my guitar lesson. I've been pretty lazy about that of late. Not sure why, but I find that I'm easily distracted. I am excited about the song we're working on, as it's one of my favorites - Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd. It has one of the greatest guitar solos ever written, and I've promised myself that if I ever master it, I'll consider getting that Fat Strat that I was looking at a week or so ago. In the meantime, it sounds good enough on my Epiphone SG-310. I just really want to have that David Gilmour sound, and Strats are excellent for blues inspired rock.

Okay, one hour to go, and I have one more chart note to write. Guess I'll amuse myself with that and get ready to fly out the door as soon as the clock hits four. Have a great weekend everyone!

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