Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yeah, I'm Still Here

Tired, but still here. Nothing major going on, just trying to keep awake as this non-clinic day winds down. Drink Man has been really uptight today, as Annoying Coworker is once again trying to make people look inferior (it never works, really, but that doesn't stop AC from trying!). So I spent my lunch break talking him down from the edge of rage and helping him put things in perspective. Since we both have degrees that allow us some mobility in the workplace, neither of us is trapped here. I'm particularly mobile, considering One Ring's going to be looking for work in a year or two. So why worry about AC, the boss, or anyone else's neuroses if I'm going to be heading off to unknown lands before too long?

So that's work. In other news, One Ring has taken two of her three comprehensive exams, with the third coming up on Friday. Two weeks from Friday is her verbal defense and her dissertation proposal. And from there on out, she's up to her eyeballs in research and writing.

Meanwhile, I'm working on the guitar (Current song: Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb"), just bought a new computer, and am playing a 14 day trial of City of Heroes. I'm probably going to get the full game and subscribe to COH once that runs out. I'm really enjoying it, and the alternative, Champions, has been getting some rough reviews on the Internet. Of course, the game hasn't even released yet (I think it comes out on the 17th), so all of that might not even be true. But I'm playing COH for the time being, anyway.

I've also been watching Season 1 of Supernatural on DVD. I caught one episode a long time ago, and thought it interesting, but never could remember what channel it came on (The CW, I later found - your source for melodrama and teen angst!). Anyway, the premise seems interesting, but it's quickly wearing thin. I like that they're using urban legends and mythology as sources for the creatures the characters fight (Bloody Mary was a particular favorite of mine, as was the way they combined the ghostly hitchhiker and the weeping woman of Mexican lore). But after reason some summaries of the subsequent seasons, I grew less and less interested. Characters seemed cardboard, the plots seemed thin, and the main characters seemed to always know exactly what they were dealing with and how to kill it. Maybe later episodes are different, but the ones I saw got repetitious quickly. Shame.

Anyway, that's all from here. My caffeine level is dropping and Annoying Coworker just came by to chat. So I need to get out. One hour and 30 minutes and I'm home free with the week half over!

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