Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A New Week

... and I have a patient arriving in about 20 minutes. Followed by another patient. What do these people think this place is, a clinic? Oh, yeah. It is. Bummer.

So last night I went to my guitar lesson, already a tad frustrated over my apparent inability to count to four while playing. At least, that's what it felt like. Strumming patterns are vexing, as is switching chords without losing my timing. Usually I end up sounding like G chord strum, strum, strum ... PAUSE ... D chord strum, strum strum ... PAUSe ... A chord strum, strum, strum ... REALLY LONG PAUSE ... B minor chord.

And it sounds nothing like the original tune I'm trying to copy. Of course, it did help to hear that normally the instructor doesn't introduce barre chords to students so early in their education. So why am I suffering? Because the song has them and I requested to learn the song, soooooo ...

Oh, yeah. My fault. Great.

He was nice, of course, stating that I've made progress, etc., etc. But still, it does irritate my perfectionist self when I go on YouTube and see some 15-year-old kid rocking out on some song that I want to learn, while I'm having trouble counting to four while simultaneously thinking down, down, up, down, up! Grrr.

So what else is going on? Ahh, yes, the new diet. Seems that since I've taken this job a few extra pounds have crept onto my midsection. Most of my coworkers are either overwieght or obese, so I can see where this could be heading. So I now have One Ring as a coach and I'm trying to eat better, exercise more, and all that good rot. Unfortunately, everything I enjoy eating seems to be loaded with fat, so I'm now trying to adjust to granola and yogurt. Mid-life, here I come!

All in all, though, life is good. I'm enjoying the guitar, enjoying the job, and really looking forward to my vacation next month.

Now if I can just get Annoying Coworker to stop coming into my office!

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