Thursday, June 4, 2009

Updated Links List

In an effort to freshen up the place, I've deleted several blog links that have shown little or no activity over the past several months. I've also deleted a couple that, to be honest, don't seem to be that interesting. In their place I've attached a couple of new ones:

The Vault of Horror - A page that reviews, opines, and offers up news about all things scary.

Lovecraft is Missing - a web comic that I just found yesterday. Its basic premise seems to be a "what if" scenario in which H.P. Lovecraft was actually on to something in his writings; his ideas, characters, and the events depicted all had a basis in reality.

Innsmouth Free Press - A H.P. Lovecraft (can you tell I have a fondness for Lovecraft's work?) fanzine written in the style of a local newspaper. They are even accepting submissions, so all you budding horror writers, get your works (5,000 words or less) in!


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