Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Catching My Breath

and dreaming of vacation.

Yesterday found me very angry at Annoying Coworker, hence my lack of posts. I could vent on how he left here and dumped all his work on top of my work - and this after I had done his job the day before! - but such rants would only get me worked up again. I've complained as much as can be done to the people who care (or don't; I haven't determined this for certain yet) about such things, so it's pretty much over. Save for the headache that developed yesterday and continues to spring up between my temples every now and then.

But now let's get some business out of the way with some pirate-y news:

From the Duh! files, the BBC reports that people who receive warnings from there internet provider that they need to stop pirating only ceased and desisted 33% of the time. The rest were "disinclined to acquiesce to their request." Only when internet service was completely cut off did the individuals stop pirating copyrighted material.

Kinda hard to pirate if you don't have an internet link, eh?

And from the If you can't beat 'em files, a group that campaigned solely on issues of the exchange of copyrighted material won one, if not two seats in the Swedish delegation to the European Union. They received roughly 200,000 votes. Here's the whole story.

So that's what's new in that world. In my life things continue as normal. Guitar lessons are going great, but I'm having trouble changing into and out of the B minor chord, so that's holding up learning a song for One Ring. It's not a big problem, just a frustrating one. My instructor said that time (and lots of practice) would take care of that, so I'm going to trust those words and keep at it. Apparently the transition from beginner to rock god takes longer than I had orginally planned!

Still looking for a new car to replace the aging Doom Buggy. Right now it seems to be a toss up between the Kia Soul (I got Soul! I'm superbad! - sorry, couldn't resist!) and the Toyota Yaris. Though I would immediately have to get a new label / emblem that changed the name to Yaarrrris! Yes, bad joke, I know. Sorry about that.

In fact the dealership just called me. Guess I set off some alarm bells when I used Costco's buyer program to look at their inventory. Now I'll have vultures circling me for the next couple of months. Oh, well.

One Ring is booking dinner reservations for a short vacation we're taking with her family in Disney World around labor day. We're not planning on doing anything except for swimming in the pool, sleeping, and eating. Still, all this talk about vacations has me loathing the work day. One month and one week until I'm off on my first vacation, though, so hopefully I can keep my sanity.

And, speaking of work, I have the opportunity to apply for a chaplain job here. Thing is, after looking at the job description, pay, etc., I'm thinking of not doing it, despite the urging of friends and colleagues. Chaplains don't transfer from hospital to hospital here, as opposed to therapists. This will become important when One Ring graduates with her Ph.D. and starts teaching at a seminary or divinity school somewhere. I need to be able to find something nearby. That will be easier by far as a therapist than as a chaplain.

In addition, I'm actually thinking about going back to school for another Masters degree, this time in Psychology. The thought of learning again has sparked some unexpected excitement, and would make me a far better candidate in the field for promotion and changing positions. If I were to return to chaplaincy, not only would I not need this degree, it wouldn't do anything for me even if I had it.

So I'm thinking about tossing the application material and not worrying about it.

Well, that's all that's going on. I need to find a wrist rest thingy for this computer. My wrists are starting to hurt and that's not a good thing, considering the amount of guitar practice I have to put in tonight!


P.S. I wonder if the Pirate Party has a branch opening up in the U.S.?

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