Friday, June 12, 2009

End of the Day Insanity

Well, it seems insane, at least. There has been very little to do since I last posted, though I have been able to stay occupied looking for random bits of trivia regarding horror movies, Lovecraft memorabilia (more on that later), and Disney stuff (One month!).

Still, though, the day drags.

Most of what I'm interested in is blocked by the evil minions of the I.T. department. Not surprising, though I am convinced that they spend their day watching porn while denying the rest of us access to YouTube and Facebook! I've met a few of them - they have the pasty white skin, paunchy bellies, squinty eyes, and hunched shoulders consistant with those who shun sunlight and / or still live in their parents' basement, all the while hunched over computers denying people the right to have fun.

No, I'm not bitter.

Annoying Coworker has become more active this afternoon, which is proving irritating as usual. Still, it could be worse. A lot worse. He didn't decide to move into my office. Not that there was an offer made, but I've caught him a couple of times when he's unlocked the door and crashed in one of the chairs. Don't know why he does that, but it gets irritating. Anyway, he didn't do that today, so I don't have to worry about what the hospital policy regarding office squatters rights is!

But I digress ...

I failed to mention that One Ring and I have been going out to lunch every Sunday with a couple from church. Nice people. Both are professors at local universities, and about our age. Kinda geeky, too, but not in an annoying way. So we have been enjoying our weekly outings.

Anyway, the couple (I'm working on nicknames) invited us to their new house for a housewarming party. We brought dinner. During the conversation, the wife mentioned her love for H.P. Lovecraft, which caused me to just about fall out of my chair. Later the husband showed me her framed envelope signed with H.P.L.'s return address and bearing his signature. That did cause me to fall out of my chair; or would have had I not been already standing up.

So as a gag gift, I found a diploma from Miskatonic University - the fictional school set in the fictional town of Arkham, Massachusetts where many of Lovecraft's stories take place - in a .pdf format. I took it, put in the wife's name and made her a "Doctor of Theoretical Realities." Looks pretty cool. Further Google searches have revealed that lots of people have had fun along those lines, and Cafe Press is filled with alumni mugs, sweatshirts, license plate frames, and the like, all bearing the name of the fake school.

I'm lending the husband a copy of dvd of Dune - the Sci-Fi channel mini-series, not the de Laurentis massacre of the awesome Frank Herbert novel - as well, as the non-Lovecraft portion of the conversation that I had with him seemed to revolve around that series of books and movies.

Like I said, they're geeky, but nice. Just like me.

28 minutes. I'm suspecting that there's a reason why time slows right before quitting time, then accelerates exponentially during my non-working hours. Unfortunately, I do not know any quantum physicists who would be able to solve this connundrum. Sad.

Okay, I'm gone. I can barely stay awake, and my work is done. See you Monday. Unless something really cool happens over the weekend and I don't feel like waiting to write about it.

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