Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother, Mother Ocean ...

I'm having travel fantasies again - to the Caribbean, of course. Between the usual pirate history and fiction floating about in my life and the newly procured bottle of Cruzan aged spice rum in my kitchen (good with Coke, a little harsh straight up), I'm really wishing I could smell salty, tropic breezes rather than the giant landfill located a couple of miles away from the hospital!

In fact, I just called One Ring and said, "Cruise." Actually, what I said was, "Disney," followed immediately by "Caribbean," then "Cruise." But you get the point. Anyway, to my surprise, she said, "I think we can make that happen for next year."

So now it's down in writing for the world to see. I'm going to the Caribbean next year, okay? So if something comes up and I hear that I can't go, well, that would be going back on a promise, and we can't have that! The way work's been of late, I really don't care if I have to row there (and yes, that would be difficult, being that I'm in a land-locked state!).

Speaking of work, I'm now enjoying a brief respite before the patients come in at 1:00. I'm leading the groups all this week, since Annoying Coworker is in the freakin' Caribbean (no, I'm not okay with that)! It's good that he's out of my hair, and I have noticed that my stress level is somewhat lower. Still, having to stay on top of the added chaos is not always fun, obviously. I can't really go into more detail than that, since I'm referring to patients and treatment, etc.

Drink Man has been calling a lot of late, as he's been in South Carolina interviewing for a new position. He called me up - inebriated, I might add - saying that he was talking to his new boss and that everything was wonderful and that he was going to get me a job down there and out of my current location. Which was nice, except that he failed to bring One Ring in on the conversation. When I mentioned that there was the slight possibility of my being offered a job in Charleston, she was less than thrilled. Honestly, there isn't really much there and the cost of living is much higher. It does, however, have water and a strong and exciting nautical history - not to mention rumors of a pirate museum!

So all of these events have caused fantasies of moving on again. Call it Wanderlust, call it whatever the heck you want. It's not that things are bad here; actually this is the best year we've had for quite some time, in terms of job security and future outlook. Which is really odd considering the condition of the economy! I guess it's just when I look around me at the people and places 'round here, there's that little voice in my head that reminds me that I really don't belong. Not enough to settle down here for any longer than it takes One Ring to writer her dissertation, anyway.

In the meantime, though, I'm having fun with guitar lessons, which is one plus to living in the Music City. The guitar pedal project is still go, though when I looked at the "learn to solder" kit last night I admit that I was a little intimidated. Those parts are really, really small! I'm sure, though, like most things, once I get the hang of it, it will seem easy enough. Drink Man seems to think that it could actually lead to something, much like candle making led to a short stint as a craftsman. Who knows? I'd just like to get to the point where I can plug the pedal in and have it work!

Okay, 15 minutes to go until patients start coming in. I need to clean up and get ready for group. At least the afternoon will go fast!


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