Friday, May 22, 2009

Arrrrr! or Arrrrrgh?

It's Friday, and One Ring and I are about to head out to her parent's home in Birmingham for the weekend. One of her friends is getting married, so tomorrow I will be spending the day dressed up and uncomfortable. My only hope is that the catering at the reception is good.

A pirate in a tie? I'm rapidly going from Arrrr to Arrrgh!

I should be happy, but today started out irritating and weird. During our morning meeting, it was announced that due to a dust-up over some of my colleagues taking personal time and finding coverage (There really wasn't a problem with coverage - someone just tried to make a point over how another employee shouldn't have gotten a promotion and failed miserably), we were treated to a speach from on high and treated like a group of children. Thing was, the guy who starting the whole problem? Yeah, he's on vacation today and didn't hear a word of it!

If this drama interferes with my trip to Disney World in two months, there will be hell to pay!

On top of that, next week I'll be in orientation for the entire week. Yes, I have to be orientated to do the same job I've been doing since August. Go figure! Annoying Coworker looked over at me with this lost puppy look in his eyes and said, "I guess I'll have to get with you at some point today and see how you do your job, since I'll be covering for you." Which wouldn't be a big deal, except for the fact that before I came on board, he was doing this job! Then he added that he would be taking over my office while I'm gone, so that he could be closer to the doctor. Needless to say, I'll be doing some spring cleaning in here, since he's also known to go rooting through the desks of coworkers. I've caught him a couple of times in my office already.

Need coffee. I'm far grumpier than I should be this morning, even considering what's transpired.

10:06 Finally, I have coffee. Took me a while to get everyone out of my office. The doctor asked my opinion regarding one of our new patients - a long time heroin user who lacks stable housing and employment. Not a good candidate for outpatient treatment. Made me feel good that she actually takes my views seriously, considering how poor a footing we started out on. I'm doing the work that a nurse should be doing, without any additional training, so occasionally things get tense around here. But lately all has been well. But after she left, Annoying Coworker had to be forcibly evicted so I could get to the coffee shop. Don't these people know the danger that they're in if they don't see a coffee cup in my hands first thing in the morning?!? Good thing they have a rule regarding no weapons on display in offices (no lie, there really is one - guess too many people wanted to mount guns, knives and swords here!), otherwise who knows where my caffeine withdrawal would have taken me!

Well, all that remains for now is to lie low and let the day slide by. My boss has announced that she's leaving very early, and Annoying Coworker and the doctor both seem to have busy schedules. Drink Man is in Nashville today until lunch, covering for another colleague. So hopefully this morning will be quiet and peaceful.

If not, there will be trouble.

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