Thursday, May 14, 2009

Huh? What? Did You Say Something?

Sorry, I wasn't awake. Didn't sleep well. Kona the dog kept waking up last night, so of course I woke up too. Not sure what's got into her, but she seems to be moving into a pattern of sleeping all day and waking up at night. I suppose that means that we'll be walking her more and trying to wear her out. So she doesn't keep on barking and carrying on at 2 am!

Not much to report today. I have a group session to conduct in a few minutes, then the usual paperwork to carry me through the day. Hopefully it will go fast. Without Annoying Coworker around, things have been far more pleasant. I imagine next week will be far different.

One Ring and I are heading off for our anniversary trip tomorrow afternoon, immediately after I jump ship here. First stop Chattanooga for the B&B and some sightseeing, then on Sunday we're hitting the Tennessee Rennaisance Festival for Pirate Weekend! It's supposed to rain all weekend, sadly, but I'm sure it will still be lots and lots of fun. Because there's pirates, of course! : )

Speaking of pirates, check out Bilge Munky's blog for probably the most ridiculous item ever tried to jump on the fan craze of the last ten years or so - Pirates for Jesus! It looks like what you'd expect when a patriarchal family with self-esteem issues (and a puppet that insults the captain!) tries to turn the "take all you can; give nothing in return" philosophy of the Brethren of the Coast into a sanitized mess. According to a post on another blog regarding the same ministry, the head of the ministry lost his hand and leg in a motorcycle accident. He then decided to create the pirate theme for his message. Be sure to go to that other post - there's a video of the captain and crew in action!

Okay, time for me to get to work. Assuming I can wake up!

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