Friday, May 8, 2009

Boring Day

Yep. I'm bored. No patients to torment - though there are employees tormenting me at the moment! Alas, perhaps someday the tables will turn.

Annoying Coworker is on a high today, as he leaves tomorrow for a week long cruise of the Caribbean. As much as I am loath to say it, I'm jealous of him. He's stopping at some of my favorite islands, and I've spent the week dropping tips of places he should go and jobs he can apply for. Do you know that there seems to be growth in addiction therapist jobs in the Caribbean? Who would have thought? Actually it's a no brainer, but until now, there haven't been many. Probably being drunk out of your gourd is considered normal by many, just like in other touristy places.

Anyway, we'll see if he comes back.

In other news, a chaplain intern with whom I worked over a year ago has written a tell all book about her experiences and how horrible it was that her love for a patient was viewed as dual relational and unethical (which is was, in case you're wondering what I think). We're now laughing over the book, which was published by a vanity press and is poorly written and edited. I helped the Chaplain Supervisor publish a review of it up on, so at least our side of the events can be known by those who care. Which I can't imagine is that great a number.

Yesterday my "learn how to solder" kit arrived via Fed Ex. Now after I figure out how to put together the very exciting "European style light and siren" (I'm not making this up), I'll order the parts for the guitar pedal and get to work on that project.

I just got off the phone with Drink Man, who is having a great time in South Carolina. He's looking to leave the campus where I work and head over to a better paying job either in Nashville or out in Charleston. He's really jazzed up about the prospect of working with people who respect his education, rather then get into ego-inspired turf battles. I'm staying out of those, and trying to avoid all conflict, since I'm probably going to be here for quite a while longer.

One Ring has emailed my sister regarding our family trip to Disney World in July. The children do not know about it, but the adults are excited as all get out. I really need the break, and can't wait until I can rest for a week or so. The last several nights I haven't slept well, mostly because of storms or because the dogs decided that they wanted my half of the bed. Thank God it's Friday! Maybe I can catch up on some rest!

Okay, that's all I can think of at the moment. More later.


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